Definitions for "Helper application"
In web terms: A program helping the browser to display, view, or work with files that the browser cannot handle itself. (See Plug-In). [Go to source
A helper application is an application stored on the PC. It may be used to display different types of graphics, play sound, show video, and launch other programs. Adding a helper application is similar to associating a file extension with an application in Windows. The browser presents a list of MIME types (such as image) and subtypes (such as bitmap). The user must associate an application, such as MSpaint, which will launch automatically when the user selects a .bmp file on a Web page. In addition to associating applications with predefined MIME types, the user can also create new types. A Web browser can be used to launch applications such as Access or Excel to view databases or spreadsheets.
a program used by a Web browser to interpret files that it cannot handle internally. It must be installed separately, and your Web browser must be properly configured to recognize the files, and launch the helper application. In the Netscape browser, this is done from the Preferences menu.
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see external viewer (Macintosh)