Definitions for "CVS "
CVS is a version control system, which allows you to keep old versions of files , keep a log of who, when, and why changes occurred, etc., like RCS or SCCS. Unlike the simpler systems, CVS does not just operate on one file at a time or one directory at a time, but operates on hierarchical collections of directories consisting of version controlled files.
The preferred method for obtaining NGLayout source code and staying in synch with the development effort. See our CVS page for more info.
This Stands for Concurrent Versions System and is a means of sharing, saving and recovering version information for people using code.
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ATSDR's comparison values
comparison value
Councils for Voluntary Service
See Council for Voluntary Service
Community & Voluntary Services
Community Vocational Services, Inc. A RI non-profit organization doing business in Connecticut. For explanation of mission, purpose and program descriptions see section under Community Vocational Services.
Computerized Voting System
Cardiovascular system
Commercial Vehicle Subsystem
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A tool used by developers to manage changes within their source code tree.
The latest possible build, updated on every source change