Definitions for "Conflict of Interest"
Keywords:  impartial, clash, bias, duty, improper
This is when a person has a duty to more than one individual or group, but both parties' varying interests make it impossible to act judiciously for either entity.
When a University employee is in a position to influence the conduct of a project for personal gain due to responsibilities or to arrangements with an outside entity.
A member of Council who has a direct or indirect pecuniary interest in any matter to be decided upon openly has a conflict of interest and refrains from voting on or discussing the matter.
a compromising influence that is likely to negatively affect the advice which a lawyer would otherwise give to a particular client
When you have 2 different interests at the same time. For example, a lawyer who represents 2 sides at the same time has a conflict of interest. S/he can't be fair.
The ethical inability of a lawyer to represent a client because of competing loyalties, e.g. representing both employer and em- ployee in a labor dispute.
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amages and Shortages
When the actions of one person attempting to maximize his or her needs and benefits prevent, block, interfere with, injure, or in some way make less effective the actions of another person attempting to maximize his or her needs and benefits.
Any business activity, personal or company related, that interferes with the company's goals or that entails unethical or illegal actions.
Integrity system Sporadic corruption
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When the attorney cannot handle the case sent to him, usually because he represents the debtor on other cases or for personal reasons.
When the attorney cannot handle the file sent to him as he may represent the debtor on other cases or for personal reasons.
a factor "external to the defense" constituting "cause" under McCleskey
A certification assuring the Federal agency that the institution has established administrative policies for promoting objectivity in research.