Definitions for "Interests"
Interests are the underlying desires and concerns that motivate people to take a position. While their position is what they say they want, such as "I want to build my house here!", their interests are the reasons why they take that position (because I want a quiet lot with a good view of the city). Often parties' interests are compatible, and hence negotiable, even when their positions seem to be in complete opposition.
Interests are what matter to a person; their views; concerns; desires; what motivates them; or why they ask for or insist on things.  (see Positions)
Interests include an individual's or group's hopes, expectations, fears, concerns, beliefs, values and needs. Interests must be considered and reflected in an agreement to satisfy the parties involved and reach sustainable outcomes.
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rights in land derived from a particular title for a specific purpose, such as an easement permitting a neighbouring land drainage or access, or a mortgage.
the equity interests of stockholders are often referred to in bankruptcy documents merely as "interests."
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Estates, rights, or legal claims in and to real estate.
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Container for one or more interests