Definitions for "Vested interest"
a right given to an employee by a pension plan, which cannot be taken away.
From a legal standpoint, a vested interest is an interest in something that is certain to occur as opposed to being contingent on an event that might not happen. Thus, a vested interest refers to a present fixed right of future use or enjoyment.
Interest in property that is fixed or determined.
a special personal interest, usually financial, in an existing system, law, or institution, which hinders a person from making objective decisions regarding that system, law, or institution. A vested interest may be one which benefits a relative, or, in an extended sense, one which defends a person's own reputation or previously expressed views.
the persons, corporations, or other groups which benefit most (usually financially) from the existing system of institutions, laws, and customs.
An involvement in the outcome of some business, scheme, transaction etc., usually in anticipation of a personal gain.
phrase. personal reason, utlerior reason, secondary reason.