Definitions for "Contingency reserve"
An insurance company's reserve against unusual, unexpected conditions that may occur.
A voluntary reserve established by an insurance company to help pay any unusual and unexpectedly large claim amounts.----------[ Back
An amount of spinning and non-spinning reserve, sufficient to reduce area control error (ACE) to zero within ten minutes.
That portion of contributions or premiums set aside to cover possible loss resulting from adverse experience, mortality, etc. Insurance companies set aside moneys to cover other possible losses, including bad investments, withdrawals, etc.
The amount of operating reser ve required to reduce area control error to zero in ten minutes following a generating capacity loss.
The amount of money or time needed above the estimate to reduce the risk of overruns of project objectives to a level acceptable to the organisation. (PMI)
a separately planned quantity used to allow for future situations which may be planned for only in part (sometimes called "known unknowns")