Definitions for "PMI"
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Private Mortgage Insurance. Mortgage insurance provided by nongovernment insurers...
Private Mortgage Insurance. A form of insurance that protects the lender by paying the costs of foreclosing on a house if the borrower stops paying the loan. Private mortgage insurance usually is required if the down payment is less than 20% of the sale price.
private mortgage insurance. Insurance provided by a non-governmental insurer that protects a lender against losses in the event of a borrower’s default on a mortgage. Private mortgage insurance is generally required on loans whose loan-to-value ratio exceeds 80%.
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Piccole e Medie Imprese
preliminary marksmanship instruction
Patient Master Index. Ideally a hospital will have a single PMI operating from the HIS system which is integrated to each departmental system. An OIS system may have its own PMI, which holds the basic patient demographics.
Purchasing Managers' Index (based on purchasing managers' assessment of business conditions)
Purchasing Managers Index. The National Association of Purchasing Managers (NAPM), now called the Institute for Supply Management, releases a monthly composite index of national manufacturing conditions from data collected on new orders, production, supplier deliveries, inventories, prices, export orders, and import orders. It is divided into manufacturing and non-manufacturing sub-indices.
Positive material identification - a method for cross checking the identity of a piece of material, often using a portable spectrometer, usually with x-rays (TN 9266, nuclear analyzer) or a welding arc (Arc Met 900, optical spectrometer).
The PMI Program has been attracting outstanding graduate students to Federal service for the past 19 years. Executive Order 12364 established the program in 1977. According to the Executive Order, the purpose of the Presidential Management Intern Program is to: Attract to the Federal Service outstanding men and women from a variety of academic disciplines who have a clear interest in, and commitment to, a career in the analysis and management of public policy.
Privilege Management Infrastructure;
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Parent Machine Interlock. A product feature that prevents the parent machine from operating before the hot melt system is ready.
used to show positive, negative & interesting attributes of something Plus/ Minus/ Interesting
Prevention of Mutual Interference
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pool pool factor
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physical medium independent
Project Management Institute