Definitions for "County Court Judgement"
A judgement for debt recorded at a County Court. These judgements will be shown when the lender carries out a credit search. If the debt has been repaid, subsequent to the judgement being recorded, then the entry will be marked 'satisfied'. The appearance of CCJ's on the credit register will greatly reduce mortgage options and nearly all lenders will insist that they are satisfied before considering an application. Even with the judgement(s) satisfied few lenders are prepared to consider lending other than for the most minor judgements.
A judgement reached in the County Court that can be for not paying debts. Many lenders will not advance a mortgage if you have any outstanding judgements.
A County Court Judgement or CCJ is the term used to describe when a judgement is made against a person or company for debt in the county court. Usually if a CCJ is paid in full within 30 days it won't appear in the credit register. Since CCJ's are a matter of public record, they are catalogued and held for 6 years with the Registry Trust. If a judgement is settled after the 30 day period it will be entered into public record and this will affect your credit rating.
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