Definitions for "CVA"
Cerebral Vascular Accident. An event resulting in diminished or blocked blood flow to an area in the brain. Symptoms of CVA can include paralysis, loss of speech, unconsciousness, and death.
a sudden loss of consciousness resulting when the rupture or occlusion of a blood vessel leads to oxygen lack in the brain
cerebral vascular accident. An interruption of blood flow within the brain, commonly called a ‘stroke'.
CVA was the debut full-length album from Philadelphia, PA's Paint It Black. It features much shorter and arguably more aggressive songs than their follow-up album, Paradise, two and a half minutes shorter despite sporting three more tracks.
Cash Value Added. (ROTGA minus WACC) x Total Gross Assets (= Fixed assets (depreciable) at acquisition cost plus other assets (non depreciable) minus non-interest-bearing debt)
Chemical Vapour Aluminising is a process used to diffuse aluminum into the surface of a part to enhance temperature corrosion and oxidation resistence. (Chemical Vapor Aluminizing: US).
Customer Value Analysis. analysis of customer satisfaction within an organization as compared with a competing organization's customer satisfaction. CVA is used to determine profitable customer relationships, areas where the organization and competing organizations succeed /fail, the profitability per customer, the overall customer value of a firm and customer value for its competition, the value and cost of potential customers, and the cost of retaining customers. Gives a detailed picture of the organization's strengths and weaknesses, as well as customer expectations.
Canonical Variates Analysis. Multi-dimensional transformation for analysis of the separation between sample data points.
Conservation Volunteers Australia
Canadian Vocational Association.
The Central Visitation Authority, within the Florida Department of Corrections.
Abbreviation for: charted visual approach Fr: CVA
Company Voluntary Arrangement
Certificate of Validated Achievement
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