Definitions for "Cyclorama"
Keywords:  curtain, scenic, backdrop, muslin, sky
Use of a special curtain and colored lights to create a backdrop that provides the impression of a horizon, mood, or time changes.
a sheet or curtain at the very back of the set designed for certain scenic effects; of special interest to cast members because its presence prevents them from crossing over backstage between stage right and left during performance or dress rehearsal.
Plain cloth or plastered wall filling the rear of the stage. The term is often loosely applied to a blue skycloth, or any flattage at the rear of the stage. Maybe curved at the ends. A more effective backing can be obtained by hanging a sharkstooth gauze just in front of the plain white cyc which gives a hazy effect of distance.
A pictorial view which is extended circularly, so that the spectator is surrounded by the objects represented as by things in nature. The realistic effect is increased by putting, in the space between the spectator and the picture, things adapted to the scene represented, and in some places only parts of these objects, the completion of them being carried out pictorially.
a picture (or series of pictures) representing a continuous scene
a large cylindrical painting
Cyclorama is an album by Styx, released in 2003 (see 2003 in music). It is the first studio album by the current touring lineup, following the dismissal of group founder Dennis De Young in 2001.
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See "Cyc wall".