Definitions for "Data Migration"
A NetWare 4.1 feature that lets less frequently used files be migrated off the server's hard disk onto an external storage device, such as a tape, a different hard disk, or optical disk. These files are automatically "demigrated" back onto the server's hard disk when a user accesses them. This process is usually transparent to the users.
The process of translating data from one format to another. Data migration is necessary when an organization decides to use a new computing systems or database management system that is incompatible with the current system. Typically, data migration is performed by a set of customized programs or scripts that automatically transfer the data.
Data migration is the process of transferring data from repository to another.
Also referred to as Data Conversion or Data Import. This process involves moving data from an old system into the new CRM system. Existing data from the old system will be cleansed and mapped to the new CRM system prior to starting this process.
The electronic transmission of existing data to another database system.
the transfer of a data object from one partition to another.
The preservation of access to electronic data over time by copying it from one medium or format to another, preserving its content and relationships.
The movement of data from one database to another database -- but not necessarily to a working application or subsystem tables.
the process of updating or converting digital data every few years to keep up with software and hardware changes. Errors and omission can occur.