Definitions for "dci"
Directorate of Capability Integration (Army)
Communication and Information Directorate
Director of Central Intelligence (US)
Display Control Interface. Defined by the Intel® and Microsoft® corporations, DCI is an interface that offers improved graphics performance as a result of direct video memory access.
(Acorn's) Driver Control Interface - this is simply a standard set by Acorn for writing device drivers
A device-driver specification from Intel and Microsoft intended to speed up video playback in Microsoft Windows. Multimedia applications and programs that manage digital video benefit from the usage of DCI.
Duplicate Coverage Inquiry. A request to an insurance company or group medical plan by another insurance company or medical plan to find out whether other coverage exists for the purpose of coordination of benefits.
Duplicate Coverage Inquiry. An inquiry by the insuring organization to determine whether an individual carries duplicate coverage.
Duplicate Coverage Inquiry. A request to determine whether or not other coverage exists. Used to apply the coordination of benefits provisions where two or more insurance companies are involved.
Dénomination Commune Internationale
Discovery Communications Inc
Donaldson Company Inc
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irector of entral ntelligence
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Digital Cinema Initiatives, LLC. A company formed as a joint venture between Disney, Fox, MGM, Paramount, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Universal, and Warner Bros. Studios. DCI's purpose is to establish voluntary specifications and an open architecture for digital cinema.
The Desktop Computing Initiative, a program that offers faculty, staff and students the opportunity to buy standardized computer hardware, along with a software bundle and installation and maintenance services, all for a competitive price.
A non-profit youth organization servicing the world's junior drum and bugle corps and related activities. Its staff develops band clinics and showcases the top corps from around the world in the annual Summer Music Games tour. The Silver Regiment's uniforms are based off of the Blue Devils Drum and Bugle Corps uniforms.
NATO's Defence Capabilities Initiative
Defence for Children International
dci is an RPN scientific calculator for console users. It is an improved /usr/bin/dc, though not 100% compatible. dci is designed for quick handling of arithmetic, trigonometry, logarithms, and complex values.
Donor Cell Infusion. an additional infusion of donor cells given to Allogeneic patients following their transplant to induce a Graft versus Malignancy effect.
desorption chemical ionization an electrostatic sector, comes from use of letter E to denote electric field vector
Division of Criminal Investigation
Division of Criminal Information (formerly Police Information Network)
Digital Constant Image. In LCD projector sets DCI creates a completely flicker free screen image.
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See CID. In very recent papers, "DCI" may mean " direct" (see) CI .
Documentation Charge Inbound.
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Decompression illness
Diamond Cutters International
Diesel Common-rail injection. Description given to a particular type of diesel engine.
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Detective Chief Inspector