Definitions for "Dealer Button"
A small disc (sometimes marked "D" or "Dealer") used to identify the dealer. In casino poker, often the house provides a dealer so it is necessary to have a dealer button to represent the poker player who would be dealing. In an online poker game the dealer button is represented as a small "D" image.
Also the button. A big round piece of plastic with a "D" on it. In hold'em, it is advantageous to be the dealer and last to act. If there is a professional dealer, the button passes from player to player after each hand. It keeps track of who the "dealer" would be if it was a self-dealt game. This way, the privilege of being last to get cards is shared fairly.
See the term 'Button'.
Keywords:  disc, denote, plastic, round, last
a small plastic disc
the disc used to denote who the dealer deals to last that moves round the table one place after each hand