Definitions for "Double exposure"
Exposing the same frame of film twice
The photographic recording of two (or more) images on a single strip of film. The images may be either superimposed or side by side in any relationship, sometimes individually vignetted.
Two pictures taken on one frame of film, or two images printed on one piece of photographic paper. Photographer: Paul Michael Leeder KINSA/KODAK Photo Contest Film: KODAK EKTAR 100 Film Size: 35 mm
A blackjack Variant, mainly played at online blackjack casinos
A variation in which both of the dealer's cards are dealt face-up. Other rules are changed (such as allowing the dealer to win some are all ties) in order to reclaim the edge the house loses by playing in this fashion.
(). A Blackjack game in which both dealer cards are shown to the player (before) he plays his hand. Other house rules are usually changed, such as Blackjack players losing pushes, and Blackjacks are paid even money to restore the advantage the house loses by exposing the Blackjack dealer's hole card.