Definitions for "faro"
Keywords:  lambic, sweetened, beer, cellar, sugar
Sweet version of a Belgian Lambic. A mid-afternoon or early-evening restorative. Serve at natural cellar temperature.
A lambic beer that is refermented with candy sugar.
a sweetened young lambic, or a young lambic served with sugar that can be added 'to taste'
A gambling game at cards, in which all the other players play against the dealer or banker, staking their money upon the order in which the cards will lie and be dealt from the pack.
a card game in which players bet against the dealer on the cards he will draw from a dealing box
A game of chance; players bet on the top card in the dealer's deck.
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A city in North Dakota. Magicians moving toward Faro are said to be "doing an in Faro," while magicians moving away from the fabled city are "doing an out Faro."
The District of Faro (pron. ) is the southernmost district of Portugal, the District Capital is the city of Faro.
Faro was an electoral district which returned a member (known as an MLA) to the Legislative Assembly of the Yukon Territory in Canada between 1978 and 2002.
an angular atoll on a continental shelf, also known as a shelf atoll
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Script To Watch Processes/Services and Respawn them if the Crash.