Definitions for "CAPPING"
Attachment of a cap to the 5' end of pre-mRNA in eukaryotes whereby a GTP is added to the molecule via a 5'-5' triphosphate bond.
addition of a cap consisting of a modified nucleotide called 7-methyl guanosine to the 5' end of mRNAs in eukaryotic cells. The cap is recognized by ribosomes to initiate translation.
(1) The formation of a methylated GTP on the 5′ end of eukaryotic mRNA and some other RNAs during their maturation. (2) Binding of a protein to the end of a microfilament of microtubule.
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Betting on another player's hand. This is allowed in few locations, because it is generally done by those who are counting cards, without playing themselves, when the deck is in favor of the player.
The last permitted raise in a betting round is called the cap.
Sometimes referred to capping of bets. This usually involves sneaking chips on top of chips that have already been wagered and put into play. If your caught this usually results in being barred.
Effecting commodity or security transactions shortly prior to an option's expiration date depressing or preventing a rise in the price of the commodity or security so that previously written call options will expire worthless and the premium the writer received will be protected.
Effecting transactions in an instrument underlying an option shortly before the option's expiration date to depress or prevent a rise in the price of the instrument so that previously written call options will expire worthless, thus protecting premiums previously received. See Pegging.
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Same as Endcapping.
A cover at the top of a gap that weatherproofs, typically at the ridge of a pitched roof.
the act of adding a trumpet note to the top of a final chord. This can be done at the director's discretion. Finding a cap note can be done by ear, or another option is to check the 3rd trumpet or 2nd/3rd clarinet note, then raising it an octave. This almost assures that the note is in the chord.
a decorative or protective cover on an angle, end, or top
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Or idiothèque: mud sheet (Lepage, 1984) – outer covering or wall of mound (composed of saliva and soil particles) serving as protection around galleries (Fraser, 1993).
A hardened layer of surface soil sometimes caused by top-watering. Capping can impede the proper distribution of water through the soil.
Part of the pavement foundation, providing a temporary haul road, protection of the soil from frost and support for the upper road layers.
This is a road construction material used below sub-base level – examples are top rock (crushed) and ready dug sand and gravels. These come into the category of low cost materials – others are sometimes used.
Contaminated spoils covered with clean sediments to isolate the contaminated material from the surrounding sea life and water.
refers to the forming, or occurring as a cap or cover on top of a rock.
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Placing selling pressure on a stock in an attempt to keep its price low or to move its price lower; this violates the NASD Rules of Fair Practice.
Placing selling pressure on a stock in an attempt to keep its price low or to move its price lower, in violation of NASD rules.
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Tiles, pavers, stone etc used to finish the top of water features and around ponds. The duty cycle of a pump is the relationship between the running time and the stationary (off) time, based on one hour. For example; pond pumps are rated 24/7 (run 24 hours a day 7 days a week) which is a 100% duty cycle. Other pumps, such as bilge pumps or sump pumps may have a duty cycle of only 10% which means they can run for 6 minutes in one hour with 54 minutes cooling time. Exceeding the duty cycle limitations will reduce the operating life of the pump. The difference in the duty cycle is a reflection of the performance, a sump pump produces a high volume with a high pumping head, a pond pump produces a large volume flow with low head, therefore requiring much less energy, it has less heat and can be cooled by the pond water allowing 100% duty cycle.
A visualization technique, used with model clipping that re-closes a volume that has been clipped, making the object appear as though it had been cut away.
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When a fox is killed, it is the custom in some countries to cap for the huntsman; some man takes round a cap or glove, and men are expected to drop a half-crown into it. It also means, when a man takes off his hat or cap and waves it to bring on the hounds.
Aircraft involved in Combat Air Patrols (CAPs) are CAPPERS or are actually involved in CAPPING: "HITMAN flight now CAPPING between Alpha 1 and 6" (HITMAN formation has now commenced CAP at Waypoint 1 through to 6)
Capping is best to describe the Internet activity of looking at a screen capture (or "screengrab") and typing a caption to coincide with the picture. Usually the caption can be of any use, like observation, but generally it is used to make a humorous quip about the screengrab.
an essential viral function, these results provide a structural basis for the rational design of drugs against the emerging flaviviruses
the Secretary of State has the power to 'cap' the budgets of local authorities which he considers to be excessive.
when the government limits a local authority's budget requirement and hence its council tax.
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A portion of the tablets cup, normally near the apex, does not completely bond and separates from the balance of the tablet.
Closing in a well to prevent the escape of gas.
Tightly closing a well so that hydrocarbons cannot escape.
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The (usually illegal) referral of clients by an auto body or repair facility to medical or legal offices for a fee.
This is the process of placing the final cover material on the landfill.
This is the process of finishing off the exterior portion of the newly installed window. To read more on Capping.
Acknowledging a Master when passing him out of doors.
Hedge funds typically close or cap a fund to new investment when they reach capacity.
A process by which cell surface molecules are caused to aggregate (usually using antibody) on the cell membrane.