Definitions for "Dentil"
A small square block or projection in cornices, a number of which are ranged in an ornamental band; -- used particularly in the Ionic, Corinthian, and Composite orders.
an ornament made of evenly spaced small square blocks placed on the lower edge of a molding. They resemble teeth, from which they derive their name.
one of the series of a series of closely spaced, rectangular blocks that forms a molding or that projects below the corona of a cornice. Gabled dormers (see window types) have peaked roofs; she dormers had shed roofs. a projecting structure built out from a sloping roof, usually housing a vertical window or ventilating louver.
Used underneath a crown, to make crown height/design more extravagant.
Keywords:  brick, stone, course, projecting
course Projecting course of stone or brick