Definitions for "Cresting"
Keywords:  ridge, ornamental, roof, chair, iron
An ornamental finish on the top of a wall or ridge of a roof.
Ornamental ridging to roof or wall.
A decorative element, frequently of iron, usually located at the peak or edge of a roof.
Keywords:  arrow, fletching, shaft, decals, bands
Distinctive color markings on an arrow to identify the owner in scoring.
Bands of colour either painted or decals for decoration and identification.
Coloured bands applied to the arrow shaft used as identifying marks.
The condition of foilborne operation of a hydrofoil caused by contact of the lower part of a hull and keel with the crests of the larger waves. The contact is brief and does not prevent the craft from remaining foilborne. Also called furrowing.
Keywords:  cupellation, cruet, frame
Cruet Cruet frame Cupellation
Keywords:  picket, spear, fence, gate, fruit
The top line or surface of a structure.
The formed top of a vertical picket of a gate or fence, which traditionally takes the shape of a spear point, head, leaf, fruit, flower, etc.