Definitions for "Dervish"
Keywords:  ascetic, whirls, sufi, poverty, muslim
A Turkish or Persian monk, especially one who professes extreme poverty and leads an austere life.
in modern times, a member of an ascetic Mohammedan sect notable for its devotional exercises, which include energetic chanting or shouting and rhythmic bodily movement, such as whirling, leading to a trance-like state or ecstasy. From these exercises the phrase whirling dervish is derived.
figuratively, a person who whirls or engages in frenzied activity reminiscent of the dervish{3} dancing.
Dervish is a Sligo based critically-acclaimed traditional Irish music band formed in 1989. On 14 November 2006, the Irish national broadcaster RTÉ announced that Dervish will perform the Irish entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2007
an apprentice, one who is learning the professionthat will provide eternal livelihood
Keywords:  mahdi, sudan, fanatical, followers, one
One of the fanatical followers of the Mahdi, in the Sudan, in the 1880's.
a student of Tasawwuf; a person who has eliminated duality in his heart and is trying to live the system of Allah's oneness
Keywords:  creatures, love, sure, lover, win
a lover of God and the lover of God is sure to win the love of His creatures
Keywords:  holy, earth, looking, down, places
A down-to-earth person, a person looking after the holy places