Definitions for "Digger"
soldier who fought in WW1 or WW2.
Old-timer, especially an old soldier
Mate, friend. Used in the second or third person. This term had been in use on the Aust. gold fields, and New Zealand Kauri gum fields for many years prior to the war. It was not until the end of 1917 or early 1918 that it came into universal use in the A.I.F. or N.Z.E.F. The first to use the term, to any extent were the N.Zealanders from whom it quickly spread through the A.I.F.
A term now considered somewhat derogatory used to describe hunter/gatherer Indians, especially of the Great Basin, who dug for roots for subsistence. The term was first applied to the Western Shoshone by the Crow in conversations with Lewis and Clark and was ultimately applied to all of the Great Basin ethnies. Early settlers considered most California Indians to be diggers.
a medallion hunter (the medallion tends to be buried in the snow)
Explorers/Warriors/Treasure Hunters who seek treasure and Refractors within ancient underground ruins around the world. They keep civilization alive, and face grave danger from Reaverbots.
Digger is a Canadian computer game released by Windmill Software in 1983, popular in the era of the IBM PC with a CGA graphics card and monitor. It generally requires a genuine CGA card and runs too fast on computers faster than the original IBM PC 4.77 MHz. In an exception to the CGA requirement, it is possible to use a CGA emulator to run Digger on a Hercules graphics card.
Digger is a webcomic drawn and written by Ursula Vernon. It updates every Tuesday and Thursday, and is hosted at Graphic Smash, a member of the Modern Tales family of webcomic syndication sites. It is also published in print form by SofaWolf Press.
Digger is an Irish wolfhound and official mascot of London Irish rugby union club. On 30 May 2003 Digger won Best Mascot in the Zurich Premiership at the Premier Rugby Marketing Awards held at Twickenham.
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n. faceplant.
a girl with broken fingernails and freckles, hair tousled and squinting from sun and wind
Digger (real name Roderick Krupp) is a fictional comic book character in the Marvel Comics universe.
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A bad wreck.
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n. A face plant. Also: Soil sample; Spring planting; Auger
a face plant. "Look at that guy on that gnarly single track... he's going to go over the bars and do a digger."
Digger is a multu-step data selection tool. You can build your own macro-language and use in form of simple mathematical formulas to select data.
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a grandmother who has found a new life
Isolation, segregation or dissociation cell - Punishment.
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a machine for excavating
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a professor who arrives at the same spot at the same time for the same reason
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a college boy, awakening at home at four a
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a laborer who digs
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Term for a hard fall.
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One who, or that which, digs.