Definitions for "Dilution Of Precision"
Keywords:  gdop, dop, geometry, tdop, vdop
A measure of the receiver-satellite(s) geometry. DOP is a geometric calculation of the uncertainty in a position fix. Also referred to as GOP or GDOP.
a numerical indicator of the geometric strength of the satellite constellation in relation to positioning at a certain location and time
A measure of the geometry of the satellites seen by the receiver. DOP relates the statistical accuracy of the satellite measurements to the statistical accuracy of the computed solution. Position Dilution of Precision (PDOP) is a common measure, composed of Horizontal Dilution of Precision (HDOP) and Vertical Dilution of Precision (VDOP). Geometric Dilution of Precision (GDOP) is composed of Time Dilution of Precision (TDOP) and PDOP. The larger the DOP, the less accurate the measurement.