Definitions for "Divert"
To turn aside; to turn off from any course or intended application; to deflect; as, to divert a river from its channel; to divert commerce from its usual course.
To turn away from any occupation, business, or study; to cause to have lively and agreeable sensations; to amuse; to entertain; as, children are diverted with sports; men are diverted with works of wit and humor.
To turn aside; to digress.
To change the route of a shipment in transit.
Take a new route or direction.
The route of a shipment changed in transit from that shown on the original billing. Used interchangeably with reconsign.
redirecting incoming calls to another number
Also Known As: diversions; forward calls; call divert Definition: A redirection of incoming calls to another phone number.
withdraw (money) and move into a different location, often secretly and with dishonest intentions
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Proceed to alternate mission/base.
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To draw your attention away.
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To take waters of any surface stream.