Definitions for "DME"
Diagnostic Medical Equipment. A section in PaSA that deals with the purchase of diagnostic imaging equipment. See Purchasing and Supply Agency (PaSA).
See Diagnostic Medical Equipment.
Durable Medical Equipment. Medical equipment that can be used many times, or special equipment ordered by your doctor, usually for use at home.
Dry Malt Extract. The maltster mashes malted barley and dehydrates the wort. Extract brewers make their wort from extract and water. All grain brewers make their wort by mashing the grain themselves.
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Dimethyl Ether.
Detrimental Microbiological Effects, e.g., souring, biofouling, MIC
Distributed Management Environment
A strategy developed to manage distributed heterogeneous networks that conform to DCE.
Distributed Management Enviroment. (Distributed Surroundings of Management)
Stands for Divine Materialize Energy. These are your Hit Points, in other words. Can be raised with certain skills, level ups, and accessories.
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drug metabolizing enzyme
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District materials engineer
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Department of Minerals and Energy