Definitions for "Dow"
Short for the Dow Jones Industrial Average.The most widely used indicator of...
shortened form of the Dow-Jones Index or Dow Jones Industrial Average; as, the Dow rose 100 points today.
same as Dow Jones Industrial Average
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Defenders of Wood. A Diablo 1 reference for players who felt shattering barrels in the game was "evil". A good-humored argument occurred between the LoS and Dow. Also, see BK.
Direct OverWrite: with CD-RW, the traditional concept of erasure does not exist. New data is simply written over existing data in a single-pass. CD-RW is therefore known as a Direct Overwrite (DOW) system.
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To furnish with a dower; to endow.
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A kind of vessel. See Dhow.
The latest date of withdrawal of a conflicting national standard.
date of withdrawal English
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Downer EDI Limited
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died of wounds
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Depth of Well
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Dry Operating Weight (No fuel)