Definitions for "Dvorak keyboard"
Keywords:  qwerty, keyboard, layout, august, aoeui
A keyboard layout designed to increase typing speed and efficiency by locating the keys used most often in the home row. Also called the American Simplified Keyboard.
Designed by August Dvorak, patented in 1936, approved by ANSI in 1982, the Dvorak keyboard provides increased speed and comfort and reduces the rate of errors by placing the most frequently used letters in the center for use by the strongest fingers. In this fashion, finger motions and awkward strokes are reduced by over 90 percent in comparison with the familiar QWERTY Keyboard. The Dvorak keyboard has the five vowel keys, AOEUI, together under the left hand in the center row, and the five most frequently used consonants, DHTNS, under the fingers of the right hand. Some businesses are requiring their keyboard personnel to use this system. Also, several computer companies are now manufacturing keyboards with a switch that will change from one keyboard design to the other. There are also TSRs with keyboard macros to convert your present keyboard to the Dvorak style.
A keyboard with a layout designed to increase typing speed. The keys used most often are located in the home row.