Definitions for "Command mode"
Keywords:  mode, accessline, dvl, adcp, mappable
In command mode, the modem interprets data from the computer as AT commands, instead of transmitting the data to the remote modem. When you first open a telecommunications application, the modem is automatically placed in command mode. When you establish a connection with another modem, your modem switches to on-line mode. Before entering an AT command, you must use the +++ command to return the modem to command mode.
under Vi or one of its clones, it is the state of the program in which pressing a key will not insert the character in the file being edited, but instead perform an action specific to the key (unless the clone has re-mappable commands and you have customized your configuration). You may get out of it typing one of the "back to insertion mode" commands: , , , , , , , , , , ...
Command Mode is your telephone user interface. You may access Command Mode by dialing your AccessLine number and entering your PIN when you hear the first ring.