Definitions for "EEV"
EUROPEAN EMBEDDED VALUE. EEV is embedded value computed in accordance with the set of principles agreed in May 2004 by the CFOs of the major insurance companies in Europe, setting the new industry standard for embedded value reporting.
A standardised calculation of embedded value and related numbers... more on: EEV (European Embedded Value)
European embedded value. Embedded value is a way of measuring the current value to shareholders of the future profits from a life and pensions business. EEV was launched in May 2004 by the CFO Forum (which represents chief financial officers of the biggest European insurers) as an improvement on the achieved profit method used to calculate embedded value results. EEV reports the value of business written based on a set of realistic assumptions, allowing for the impact of uncertainty in future investment returns, and so is designed to provide a more accurate reflection of the performance of long-term savings business.
Expected Ending Value. The expected national or regional cash index price for a future date. It depends on expected future price levels and on the endorsement end dates. EEV is the price level that USDA estimates the cash price index will be on the ending date of the LRP contract and is the basis for the LRP insurance coverage level.
Manufactures the EEV thermal imaging cameras.