Definitions for "ETO"
European Theater of Operations
Electronic Transaction Ordinance
European Theatre of Operations, i.e., the default ASL rules.
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Ethylene Oxide CAA Federal Clean Air Act
See Ethylene Oxide.
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Extended Terminal Option. A separately priced feature of IMS TM that enables workstations to be added or deleted from a live computer system. Does for IMS TM what RDO does for CICS. Announced September 1990.
Early Termination Options
Abbrev. For Exchange Traded Options
Notation for potential evapotranspiration.
Engineer To Order. A manufacturing philosophy whereby finished goods are designed and produced for specific customer orders. Assemblies and raw materials may be stocked but are not assembled into the finished good until a customer order is received and the part is designed by engineering.
Engineer To Order - extreme form of MTO where a product is engineered specifically to a customers order / specification / contract. An oil rig is essentially engineered to order.
A bactericidal gas used for sterilizing single-use medical devices and food products such as spices.