Definitions for "ESF"
Keywords:  superframe, crc, super, extends, kbps
Extended Superframe: A DS1 framing format in which 24 DS0 times lots plus a coded framing bit are organized into a frame which is repeated 24 times to form a superframe.
Extended Superframe Format. Framing type used on T1 circuits that consists of 24 frames of 192 bits each, with the 193rd bit providing timing and other functions. ESF is an enhanced version of SF. See also SF.
Extended Super Frame. A T1 framing format.
Edge Spread Function. The response of an imaging system to a step function.
EMERGENCY SUPPORT FUNCTIONS. The Federal Response Plan (FRP) details 12 ESF's in place to coordinate operations during Federal involvement in an incident; transportation, communications, public works, engineering, firefighting, information and planning, mass care, resource support, health and medical services, urban search and rescue, hazardous materials, food, and energy.
Economic Support Fund
Engineered Safety Features. are the features (systems and equipment) engineered into the plant to mitigate the effects of anticipated and postulated accidents.