Definitions for "Key frame"
Keywords:  frame, delta, codec, playback, marker
A sample in a sequence of temporally compressed samples that does not rely on other samples in the sequence for any of its information. Key frames are placed into temporally compressed sequences at a frequency that is determined by the key frame rate.
a frame of the underlay which has a mask associated with it that determines objects to be tracked. The key frame is a property of the tracking segment, and is not subject to change.
If the video portion of a movie has been compressed using both intraframe compression and interframe compression, a decoder cannot decompress the majority of the video frames without referring to preceding--and sometimes succeeding--frames. However, the first frame in the movie, and usually other frames as well, do not have interframe dependencies and can be decoded in isolation. These frames are called key frames. Key frames, besides the one that starts the movie, enable the decoder to decompress other frames without playing the movie from the beginning.
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a complete image and takes lots of space
an entire screen image captured by the Encoder
an image representing an interval between scenes