Definitions for "Famine"
General scarcity of food; dearth; a want of provisions; destitution.
a severe food shortage resulting in hunger or starvation often caused by crop failure, drought or war
A drastic shortage of food in a region leading to hunger and an increased number of deaths, often caused by drought or natural disasters.
Famine is an IDM, Breakcore, Industrial artist originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba, currently based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He began writing electronic music in 1996, being heavily influenced by the programming styles of c Evin Key, Daniel Myer, Richard Devine, Otto Von Schirach, Photek, and Autechre. In 2004 he began writing music with Nick Gorman as Fractured, who were signed to Germany's Dependent Records.
Famine (Autumn Rolfson) is a fictional character, a Mutant supervillain appearing in the Marvel Comics universe. She is most notable for being one of the original four horsemen of the villain Apocalypse.
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an acute insufficiency
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They are suffering from famine.
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a special case, and and needs special solutions