A fee simple determinable is an estate in real property that exists "so long as," "while" or "during the period" that a certain prescribed use continues. Such use is described in the grant of conveyance. For example, a conveyance to the University of Knowitall "so long as" the real estate is used for educational purposes would give the university title provided the granted land is used as prescribed. If, at some future time, the university were to stop using the property for educational purposes, title would revert to the original grantor if living or to his or her heirs if the grantor is deceased. A fee simple determinable automatically ends when the purpose for which it has been prescribed terminates. Upon the grant of a fee simple determinable, there remains in the grantor a possibility of reverter.
a fee simple created to continue until the happening of a stated event
a fee simple that ends upon the occurrence of a pre-determined event
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Full title to land so long as certain conduct is avoided; e.g., "To A so long as the premises are never used for a bar."
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See Determinable Fee.