Definitions for "FMA"
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Facilities Management Administrator. The title applied to those individuals who handle the on-site operations of a property.
FOREST MANAGEMENT AGREEMENT. An agreement granted by the Alberta government which entitles the holder to establish, grow and harvest timber on specified lands.
Financial management and accountability.
Foundation Modern Apprentice
Foundation Modern Apprenticeships
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An insurance plan in the copier equipment industry covering from all parts, labor, and consumable supplies (including drum, developer, fuser rollers, toners, pm kits & sometimes staples). Specific coverage may vary from dealer to dealer.
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Federal Magistrates Act 1999 (Cth)
Fabricators & Manufacturers Association, International, is the leading educational association serving the metal fabricating industry. FS 209e Federal Standard 209e is the document that establishes standards classes or air cleanliness for airborne particulate levels in clean rooms and clean zones. It prescribes methods for class verification and monitoring of air verification and monitoring air cleanliness. It also addresses certain other factors, but only as the affect control of airborne particulate contamination.
Fictional Metrics Association
Fabricators and Manufacturers Association
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Failure Mode Analysis
Fracture Mechanic Analysis Gauging Table Helium Leak Test
Failure Modes Analysis. A formal, structured procedure used to analyze failure mode data from both current and prior processes to prevent occurrence of those failure modes in the future.
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Fellow/Mentor/Advisor program
Fused Multiply-Add, a kind of instruction that combines a multiplication and an addition into a single operation. Also called FMAC (floating-point multiply accumulate).
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Free mineral acidity