Definitions for "IMA"
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inverse multiplexing over ATM. MGX card module that supports T3 or E3 inverse multiplexing on up to 8 T1 or E1 lines.
A method to pass ATM traffic over multiple E1/T1 links while keeping the ATMâ€(tm)s quality of service and optimization of bandwidth usage.
inverse multiplexing for ATM.
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Instructional Materials Account
Installation Management Agency
Individually Managed Account. An account in which an investment professional manages and monitors an investor’s portfolio on his/her behalf. Also called a “wrap account”.
adjective, Latin = lowest, hence artery thyroidea ima.
(L. lowest), e.g., thyroidea ima. The lowest thyroid artery.
Internal Mammary Artery. a conduit of choice for coronary bypass surgery. Reasons of choice may include better long-term patency and superior long-term patient survival.
4:1 compression audio codec which works with 16-bit audio. Based on the standard created by the nteractive ultimedia ssociation.
Interactive Multimedia Association's 4:1 compression/decompression scheme for audio. (It can be used by QuickTime 2.1 for CD-ROM audio files.)
Indian Medical Association
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I Matemà tica Aplicada
Ima is the debut album by electronica artist Brian Transeau, also known as BT. It was released in 1995. Blue Skies features vocals by Tori Amos.
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An ISV that has developed ASAI-compliant CTI applications, including EDGE.
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WinImage File
Individual Mobilization Augmentation
Individual Mobilization Augmentee
Icelandic Maritime Administration
Integrated Motor Assist - Honda's hybrid technology
Integrated Motor Assists
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IMA is Ideal Mechanical Advantage. It is the number of times a machine multiplies the effort force.
Intermediate Maintenance Activity
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Information mission area
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School of Image Arts, 122 Bond Street
Institute for Mathematics and its Applications