Definitions for "FRIEND This"
a email based module, which allows the guest to send the page in the website to their friends
an ASP Script simply to be used on your pages to allow users to email an article or page they've seen on your site
a great chocolate fudge recipe
a great opportunity for homeowners and professionals looking to build a dedicated theater or a media room off the kitchen
a recipe that is used by several restaurants
Keywords:  knitters, sweater, navy, nice, little
a class designed for beginning knitters or those who need a little more practice before making a sweater
a different version to that found on the A Little Soul single
a nice pair of navy shorts for a little boy
a racing/action game that allows you to get breathtaking experience of driving the speedboat across lakes and channels, competing with up to five opponents and shooting
Keywords:  hilarious, genuine, guy, college
a friend from college and a genuine hilarious guy
Keywords:  cami, ivory, roses, lovely, colour
a lovely ivory colour cami top with blue roses over it
Keywords:  wrote, poem, realized
a poem that I wrote when I realized what friends are
Keywords:  ezine, ascii, template, plain, text
a custom made plain text or ASCII ezine template
Keywords:  easter, audience, church, play
an easter play for an church audience
Keywords:  insists, labels, god, article, world
an article about how God created the world without labels and yet how the world insists on labels
a forum for discussing Real Estate Investing in Canada only
Keywords:  pretty, photo, old, last, taken
a pretty old photo, taken last year
Keywords:  flash, site, web
a Flash web site