Definitions for "Guest Book"
A web page especially designed to allow a visitor post a few words regarding your site to mark their visit and let other visitors see it. This form of feedback is a great way to improve your site.
A specially designed page that lets a visitor post a few words to mark its visit on the site and let other visitors see it. Encourage your visitors to give you feedback regarding your site
a common and useful web application that allows visitors to your site to leave messages
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A book used at a wedding to collect signatures and addresses of guest attending the wedding.
A guest book may be purchased for your special event to remember who attended. Have your guestbook placed in a location so each guest can sign when they arrive at your wedding or special event. Make sure to provide a pen
a kind of simple forum where users can post messages
a public forum and so why conduct a private conversation
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a CGI script that takes input from an HTML form and writes it
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a place where guests identify themselves as being a guest