Definitions for "webring "
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webring is a Web-based application that will allow you to create your own "web ring" site. It comes with an easy install page which will create the MySQL tables and data for you. It includes a built-in search engine to find pages which are included in the webring, and it includes many features for allowing users to join your web ring and start viewing similar sites.
Some websites that have an affiliation create a way to help Netizens move from one website to another.
A WebRing is an Internet service and concept which links together a group of sites that have the same theme. In each WebRing, member Web sites have banded together to form their sites into linked circles. Their purpose: to allow more visitors to reach them quickly and easily. Sites connected to a particular WebRing are usually considered by the RingMaster to be of superior quality and resource.
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an interactive tool used to surf
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an easy way of navigating the World Wide Web
a useful navigation aide
a way of connecting pages of similar content on the World Wide Web
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an interesting idea in
a free service provided by the WebRin
a totally free service offered to the Internet community