Definitions for "common example"
Keywords:  studio, analogue, preflash, elan, eso
a eso studio setting where
a studio setting where analogue can be fooled by the E-TTL preflash
a studio setting where analogue optical elan
a condition known as Salpingitis Isthmica Nodosum (SIN), in which the tube becomes inflamed and nodules develop in the glands that line this portion of the tube
a cross-tube doubling as the seat backrest
a math functions such as sin()
a NullPointerException
a clinician unnecessarily looking up the ePHI of a co-worker who was admitted to the facility as a patient
a delirious patient who may score very badly on the MMSE, but improve once the source of delirium is treated
a patient with deeper rhytids around the eyes and mouth but without many wrinkles on the rest of the face
Keywords:  flashlight
a flashlight
Keywords:  zip, winzip, submit, pkzip, extract
a form that is first submitted by the user to a web server and then passed to the CGI program via CGI for processing
a shareholder that pays for company expenses using his personal credit card, and submits an expense report to the company for repayment
a "store locator" service where you submit many zip codes, then extract out the various locations corresponding to those zip codes
Keywords:  ramp, entrance, stair, building, over
a ramp over a stair at a building's entrance
a ramp to a building's entrance
Keywords:  sty, communicat, pty, input, ing
a program communicat- ing to a PTY or STY, which may find itself waiting for output from the PTY/STY before sending anything more to it, while the PTY/STY is similarly waiting for more input from the controlling program before outputting anything
a scenario where a headset is used with either a cellular handset, cordless handset, or personal computer for audio input and output
a template that contains input cells and formulas that calculate a result
a first kiss or two characters who've been denying or hiding or are unaware of their feelings, suddenly find themselves sharing a kiss
a smoker who quits for twenty years, has one cigarette, and suddenly returns to smoking to a pack a day
a fake login program, which collects account information and passwords by asking for this info just like a normal login program does
a keystroke logger which can be used to record passwords or confidential information
a set of load-sharing login servers hidden behind a single hostname
a container such as a hash table containing various translation data
a limitation to issues regarding disciplinary actions or the dismissal of an employee
an Employees table in which the ReportsTo field contains EmployeeID values found in the Employees table itself
a blogger who wants to quote a passage from another site
an area variance that is needed to relax the setback requirement on a parcel where some site condition, like a rock outcropping, prevents the proper location of a building on the site
an industrial site with soil contamination or a landfill with contaminated soil
a simple persistence mechanism, in which formatting ( toString ) and parsing ( valueOf ) services are provided for converting an object to and from a specific textual form
Keywords:  gasohol, min, ethanol, accept, gasoline
a Min() function that can accept any type of arguments
a vehicle that can accept gasoline mixed with varying levels of ethanol (gasohol)
a website that other websites use for accepting payment by credit card as part of their online ordering systems
a contract change authorised near the end of a reporting period where time does not permit budget to be allocated prior to the reporting cut off date
a library catalog A library catalog (or library catalogue) is a register of all bibliographic items found in a library
a linked list in which the head of the list is static, while the other entries are allocated dynamically
Keywords:  router, subnet, conveyor, scan, pvcs
a configuration in which the first router sends all messages to a message-scanning program, unless they have been previously scanned
a conveyor belt with objects of varying heights passing under the line scan camera
a Frame Relay subnet where PVCs are provisioned between some pairs of routers, but not all pairs
Keywords:  crash, disk, drive, head, loss
a disk head crash that causes the loss of all data on a disk drive
a disk head crash, which causes the loss of all files on a disk drive
a falling line for descendit de caelis ("He came down from heaven
Keywords:  farmland, farm, ranch, labor, residence
a farm property including a personal residence, farmland and farm equipment
an increase on the demands of the farm/ranch's labor and management
Keywords:  shadowy, foreground, sunset, tree, say
a file system, which is usually built as a tree of directories and files
a sunset, or a shadowy foreground say under a tree
a fully decoded bus, in which the bits of the bus are known to be orthogonal
an exemption to enable a bus to stay in the right-hand turn lane, to queue jump congestion
a dissolution of marriage case, which most often is handled by a domestic relations specialist
an exemption granted to a welfare agency to run a housing program for women who have been victims of domestic violence
a client application connected to an object on a remote machine
a remote teleworker sending/receiving information from a corporate network
a workflow application that sends users a summary of new and completed tasks every hour
Keywords:  hernia, strangulating
a strangulating hernia
a script the solves a differential equation, or one that moves a sprite as you move the cursor
a seeker claiming "God is real, for you, because you believe he is
a divorce, where the jointly owned home is transferred from the married couple to one spouse
a single will, made jointly by a husband and wife, where each may make a disposition of his or her respective properties, in favour of their child
Keywords:  salesman, boss, ask, prove, supplier
a form where you ask for the user's email address
a salesman at your door representing a gas or electricity supplier who asks you to sign a form to prove to his boss that he's visited you
Keywords:  night, cough, guest, disturbed, sleep
a deal whereby a guest will stay ten nights and get one night free
a night time cough which can cause disturbed sleep
a set of toolbar toggle buttons representing left, centered, and right text alignment along with justification, as shown in the following figure
a condition known as Dupuytren's contracture of the hand
Keywords:  liable, promises, you're, third, case
a contract in which the third party promises to pay if you are found liable in a case like the one you're involved in
a contract in which the third party promises to pay if you the defendant is found liable in a case
a Buyer who enters into the purchase of another home before his current home is sold
a large bomb bearing his image, with varying power levels
a superior like the Managing Director of a firm who gets a coach for his General Manager to help him improve his interpersonal skills
a warranty covering moving parts in an item that has no moving parts
a warranty given by a component supplier to a manufacturer of consumer products
a team exercise that demonstrates the necessity of teamwork, e
a well insulated house with solid aluminium windows which transfer large amounts of heat throght the structure
Keywords:  domiciled, petitioner, texas
a Petitioner domiciled in Texas
Keywords:  ligature, string, replaced
a ligature where the string is replaced by the ligature
a chemical ice pack, which usually contains water and a packet of ammonium chloride
a packet header used for addressing purposes on the Internet
a file that is uploaded to a Bulletin Board Service (BBS), a website for shared files or ISP site
a Unix file descriptor which is a small integer that identifies an I/O channel
Keywords:  answer, faq, incomplete, can't, jumps
a long FAQ page where a question or topic at the top of the page jumps you down the page to the corresponding answer
an incomplete request which can't be answered without more information
Keywords:  foley, freely, catheter, bladder, urine
a bladder catheter (Foley) to allow urine to leave the bladder freely
Keywords:  pimple, resolved, acne, dark, context
a dark spot that remains years after an acne pimple has resolved
a limitation on the number of names that can be resolved by a single context
Keywords:  easement, yard, poles, power, solar
a power company's easement to run a power line over your back yard
a solar cell on a solar-powered calculator
a utility easement, which gives the power company the right to put power lines and poles over properties to deliver electricity
a cylinder brush (such as a pillar) touching a floor in a room
a simple square, strengthened by two cross-pieces that don't touch or connect (notice the lack of a pin holding them together in the drawing at right)
a specification that cranks up the font size for widgets
Keywords:  vase, particles, earth
a vase and the earth particles of the vase
a holding corporation that rents out a building, or equipment, to an operating subsidiary
a rent garnishment
a craving for sweet food, especially chocolate
an organic molecule containing a carbon atom to which four different atoms or groups are attached
a stack class that is parameterized by the type of elements it contains
Keywords:  canyon, outdoor, sky, map, opens
an outdoor map with a canyon that opens to the sky
a dispute over the quality of goods that resulted from a miscommunication of design specifications
a newspaper or magazine subscription
Keywords:  parity, bit
a parity bit
Keywords:  blister, blood
a quarter section that is next to an individual's quarter section which is comprised of their homestead
Keywords:  gently, tapping, kick, induced, knee
a kick that is induced by gently tapping the front of the knee
Keywords:  mixer, ports, three
a mixer, which has three ports
a family in great stress that uses the triangle system to involve neighbors, schools, police, clinics, and a spectrum of outside people as participants in the family problem
a mailing list where the addressee may be either a person or a company, but never both
Keywords:  salt, snow, dissolved, mixture, sugar
a mixture of snow and salt
a solid , such as salt or sugar , dissolved in water , a liquid
Keywords:  cylindrical, lying, tank, side
a cylindrical tank lying on its side
a sequence of messages sent in response to a product inquiry
a sequence of validation steps that you apply to almost every page
Keywords:  molar, tooth, pain, lower, back
a lower molar (back tooth ) causing pain that refers to
a covenant not to erect more than one dwelling on the allotment to which the covenant relates
a Fortran program that assumes that all variables are initialized to zero
Keywords:  hallway, switch, light, end
a hallway with a switch at either end for the light
Keywords:  promotional, campaign, trade
a promotional campaign such as trade show
Keywords:  blooming, flower, course, seconds
a flower blooming in the course of seconds
an animal using a plant for shelter
a study on an isolated component of a plant
a traffic management center shared by traffic operators, transit staff, and public safety personnel
Keywords:  ira, inherited, distribution
a distribution from an inherited IRA
an if statement
a switch statement where the programmer expects exactly one of the branches to execute
Keywords:  across, pipe, lay, right, wires
an electric company obtaining a right-of-way across private property
a utility company's right to run wires or lay pipe across a property
a single audit of an organization's compliance with laws and regulations under Government Auditing Standards
an organization dedicated to raise money for one particular individual suffering from a life threatening illness
a vehicle battery ground terminal which is copper and is normally covered with corrosion
Keywords:  canal, root
a teacher who communicates a concept to the student the way he himself understands it
a MIDI interface, which allows a computer to communicate with a musical instrument
Keywords:  clippings, grass, thin, layer
a thin layer of grass clippings
Keywords:  graph, excel, microsoft, saved, created
a graph that has been created and saved using Microsoft Excel
a clause in a mortgage note secured by certain property that permits the lender to accelerate the maturity of the note if the borrower sells the property
a spring, but any piece of metal has the property of elasticity
Keywords:  wound, penetrating, eye
a penetrating wound to the eye
a shipping confirmation from a pre-existing order
Keywords:  amplifier, adjustment
an amplifier that is out of adjustment
Keywords:  triggered, event, time
a time-triggered event
a database system without enough CPU resources
a requesting service that may look for a service provider that offers processing in a particular human language (for example, German)
an application performing matrix operations
Keywords:  foundation, bill, establish
a bill to establish a foundation
a foreclosure of a mortgage because of some type of default by the debtor
Keywords:  parameter, procedure, stored
a Parameter to a stored procedure
Keywords:  depressed, long, time, person
a person who has been depressed for a long time
a network server which handles simultaneous client connections
a series of home improvements, one followed by another
Keywords:  construction, area
a construction area
Keywords:  phone, number, name
a name and phone number
Keywords:  internal, server, web
an internal web server
Keywords:  account, materials
a materials account
a Web application that manages products
Keywords:  link, back, page, home, your
a link back to your home page
Keywords:  backed, security, mortgage
a mortgage-backed security
Keywords:  loan, mortgage
a mortgage loan