Definitions for "Smoker"
Keywords:  bee, bellows, subdue, slowly, tinder
a hand-held firebox attached to bellows that is used to generate the smoke that quiets the bees as the bee keeper works with them
a small portable tinder box with an attached bellows
a device in which materials are slowly burned to produce smoke (not flames) which is used to subdue bees. It is important to use a material that produces a cool smoke as not to harm the bees.
Keywords:  puff, dozens, constantly, dose, maybe
a person who is currently under control of a drug, constantly administering dose after dose, with every single puff, dozens to maybe hundreds of times a day
a person who is currently under control of a drug that compels them to constantly administer dose after dose, puff after puff after puff, dozens or possibly even hundreds of times a day
One who smokes tobacco or the like.
A person who uses tobacco.
a person who smokes tobacco
An extremely violent rapid; hair.
A stretch of aggressive or violent whitewater.
A single violent set of rapids.
a person with a potentially lethal weapon (cigarette smoke) that they are able to properly control (by hopefully being considerate who non-smoking coworkers) in a private space (because the business is not owned by the guvnment)
State whether you smoke or not Some insurers charge less to non-smokers
Keywords:  smokey, charcoal, flavor, tray, impart
A device that utilizes wood smoke to impart a smoke flavor onto the food.
a tray or a container that can hold charcoal or wood chips to be heated so that the food will have a smokey flavor
Keywords:  ashtray, stand
Ashtray stand.
Keywords:  banquet, dinner, formal, general, term
a general term for a formal dinner banquet
Keywords:  compartment, car, passengers, wish
A smoking car or compartment.
a passenger car for passengers who wish to smoke
Keywords:  breaker, deal
a deal breaker for me
a volumetric object that affects the visibility of lights, but does not appear on camera
a great opportunity to come down and meet the brothers in a relaxed, entertaining atmosphere
Keywords:  cope, reality, break, regular, problems
a human being searching for a regular "reality break to cope with their problems and issues
Keywords:  jacket, cook, something
a jacket, not something to cook in
Keywords:  dries, preserves, one
One who dries or preserves by smoke.
A gathering for smoking and social intercourse.
Keywords:  suitable, considered, men, party, one
a party for men only (or one considered suitable for men only)