Definitions for "logger "
One engaged in logging. See Log, v. i.
An individual whose occupation is harvesting timber. He usually is in business for himself, owns his own equipment, and has one or more employees.
People working in the forest to harvest timber for producing wood products. Sometimes called a lumberjack.
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Logger is a very small logger program written in extended Tcl/Tk that can time and log jobs in the office or log offsite jobs. Logger can log multiple jobs for multiple users, keeping a separate log file for each user.
A program that logs web page views. Most often a logger will also track referrals.
a binary CLI-style program designed to log server performance data to disk for analysis by PA Monitor or PA Display at a later time or at a different location
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Old Malibu
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See logdaemon.
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a rare breed, uncommonly seen
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a lumberman who cuts trees into logs after the trees have been felled
a receiver of LogEvents that process them in some manner
A component with sole responsibility of handling the logging operations in a logging framework.
Component of the ICM Central Controller that controls the central database.
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a way to have the system generate a text message and have that messaged saved somewhere for future review
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an essential piece of equipment
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a generic interface for the
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Device for recording digitised data.