Definitions for "GCA"
round ontrolled pproach. A precision instrument procedure approach to an airfield. Typically, this could take a pilot to a landing with the weather as low as 200' with visibility as low as 1 mile.
aircraft landing in bad weather in which the pilot is talked down by ground control using precision approach radar
Ground-Controlled (instrument) Approach (uses radar, see ASR and PAR)
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Grains Council of Australia
Graduate Careers Australia (previously known as Graduate Careers Council of Australia (GCCA)
Georgia Chess Association.
Goa Cricket Association
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Giant Cell Arteritis
Gas Cost Adjustment. The periodic adjustment of retail natural gas rates to account for changes in the wholesale price of gas purchased by utilities. May occur monthly, quarterly or semi-annually.
In computing, GCA is a freeware compression utility created in 2000 by . GCA is a compressed archive format. It has higher compression capabilities than ZIP, especially with binary files.
A cellular automata system that features game-theoretic interaction rules.
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Gage Canal Area
Former name of the International Digital Enterprise Alliance (IDE Alliance).
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Gross Cropped Area
Office of Grant and Contract Accounting
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General combining ability