Definitions for "GLP"
Keywords:  laboratory, lab, fda, usfda, emea
Good Laboratory Practices - a code of laboratory practices published by the regulatory agencies (FDA/HC/EMEA) which provides a high level of control and assurance in a laboratory facility.
Good Labs Practises. Rules or guideline to be used for the management of experiments in labs that ensures the quality, precision and security characteristics that it claims.
A set of regulations that applies to animal and non-animal research and safety studies funded or reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
Refers to American blender Gregory L. Pease, a long-time ASP contributor, or his company GL Pease Tobaccos, International.
Life Points (LP) accumulated in the firs...more Life Points (LP) accumulated in the first three levels of a downline with no compression; a qualification for Diamonds and above.
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Gateway Location Protocol
A graphical end-user interface for submitting print jobs from applications. See the glp(1) reference page for additional information.