Definitions for "Researcher"
One who conducts research. In the field of scientific research, also called an investigator or scientist.
is a Virginia Tech employee (i.e., anyone who receives compensation for their work) conducting research in a laboratory or group of laboratories under the direction of a Principal Investigator who is responsible for the daily operations of a laboratory or group of laboratories.
a scientist who devotes himself to doing research
a live person - and not some computer or artificial intelligence - with a personal drive to find, search, learn, dissect and digest information, for one's own use or at the request of another
an academic who is using an EPrints repository to find information
A person who follows the scientific method to answer a question. On these expeditions, researchers are trying to answer questions about the wildlife in the Grand Canyon.
a bi-monthly electronic newsletter that aims to highlight research achievements and promote collaborative research between UniSA and industry
a covered health care provider if he or she furnishes health care services to individuals, including the subjects of research, and transmits any health information in electronic form in connection with a transaction covered by the Transactions Rule
an entrepreneur offering new ideas, rather than products or services, and often those ideas run contrary to conventional wisdom
an explorer of the microcosm, someone who is always going beyond the boundaries of the known
a daily information service dedicated to providing in-depth research, data compilation, news coverage, and fact-based analysis of corporate merger and acquisition transactions which are chosen by subscribers
Provides research services and analysis for the company and disseminates this information accordingly.
For the purpose of the Networks of Excellence, a researcher is defined as: a staff member with at least four years research experience or with a doctoral degree either an employee of one of the partners in the consortium or working under its direct management authority
a member of the online Community who helps to build h2g2.
a member of one or more projects, and only has access to information about those projects
A researcher must provide or confirm information for published materials written by other people. They do not receive writing credits for their work.
an attorney or a trained legal assistant
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a natural person carrying out research or development activities
a person that has restricted him or her self to mostly research