Definitions for "collaborator"
Keywords:  enemy, pow, occupied, willingly, murray
one who willingly cooperates with an enemy, especially an enemy nation occupying one's own country.
someone who collaborates with an enemy occupying force
Collaborator is an alternate history novel by Murray Davies, published in 2003. The novel is set in a Nazi occupied Great Britain in 1940 and 1941. It centers around former POW Nick Penny and life in occupied Britain.
a member of a research team who is not eligible to hold NSERC grants
a member of the research team who is not eligible or who will not be receiving Government of Canada IPY Program support
an individual whose role in the proposed research is to provide a special service (such as access to equipment, provision of specific reagents, training in a specialized technique, statistical analysis, access to a patient population, etc
A person not employed by the Laboratory who (1) is authorized to remotely access a LANL unclassified computer system located on the site or (2) uses a LANL system located off the site. Guidance Note: A collaborator does not have an active Employee Information System record.
Class to which another class delegates, to aid in fulfilling its own responsibilities. Eventually, an object upon whose services another object depends.
A class that provides information or performs an action for another class.
An associate in labor, especially in literary or scientific labor.
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someone who assists in a plot
an independent object that works to support, aid or assist another object
Keywords:  crime, resolve, goal, works, problem
A provider who works with the owner to resolve a problem.
an associate who works with others toward a common goal; "partners in crime"
Any person or organization who shares expertise, facilities, equipment, or financial support necessary for the R & D effort.