Definitions for "Medical Center"
Every Formula One race and test circuit must have a state-of-the-art emergency service facility staffed by skilled physicians. A transport helicopter must always stand ready for action. If it is not possible to guarantee this (under foggy conditions, for example), the race cannot go ahead.
the part of a city where medical facilities are centered
a complex two-division medical facility affil
a multitude of collaborative research programs that are composed of investigators whose studies are supported through VA grants as well as funding through the National Institutes of Health, private industry, and other federal and state agencies
a recognized industry leader in the fields of mental health programming, research publications and multidisciplinary professional education and training
a translational program as it includes basic laboratory research, whose results are applied to patients with cardiac disease
a light rail station on the Hiawatha Line on Fort Snelling in the Twin Cities region of Minnesota
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a huge complex including multiple offices across West LA
an employer of choice in the West Palm Beach area
a very complex environment with the potential for many hazards - biological, physical and chemical
an EEO/AA employer and actively solicits applications from minorities and women
an Equal Opportunity Employer
a stainless-steel oasis in an otherwise depressed neighborhood
an important site for training in ambulatory medicine
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an integral part of the School of Medicine
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a few blocks down on your left
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a certificate program that