Definitions for "Godparent"
A friend (or, in modern usage, a relative) who agrees to sponsor and aid in the raising of one's child.  The godparent relationship is a descendant of the ancient ritual of blood-brotherhood, and traditionally the custom served the purpose of including friends into the circle of people who were obligated towards one's children.
A person who sponsors a child, usually at birth or baptism, and assumes responsibility for its faith.
A godparent or sponseris an individual, chosen by the parents of a child, who vows to takes responsibility for the child's religious education. Sponsors are usually present at a child's baptism.
This is the person who will accompany the catechumen on his/her journey through the rites and periods of the catechumenate through the time of mystagogy ( the time after Easter ) .This person is selected by the catechumen with the approval of the parish priest.