Definitions for "Guardians"
Each direction (North, East, South and West) has a symbolic Watchtower which is guarded by an elemental, spirit or archangel. These Guardians are usually called upon when casting the circle.
The Guardians are the same entities that we call Watchers, but as Guardians we are asking them to protect the ‘‘Gates of the Four Directions’’ as entrances into our Circle and to allow only those influences to pass that we desire. (See also Watchers.)
Another name for the Elementals
Guardians is a collectible card game created by Keith Parkinson and Luke Peterschmidt. Published by FPG between 1995 and 1996. Expansion sets included Guardians Revised Edition, Dagger Isle, Drifter's Nexus, and Necropolis Park.
A term used to describe those pastors who are more inclined to spend their time guarding and protecting the church from heresy and false teaching. All pastors must be guardians to some extent. Please see Dave Luecke's ongoing series, Missionaries and Guardians.
Guardians is an Off-Broadway play written by Peter Morris. It debuted at the 2005 Edinburgh Fringe Festival, winning the "Fringe First Award" and made its New York debut on April 11, 2006 at The Culture Project.
Guardians are the people chosen by the Testator to look after their children in the event of their death. More about the Guardian's role
People named in a Will to act as guardians for any children until they are old enough to look after themselves
Guardians are the people that you consider would raise your children as you would choose to do so if you were not around to be there for them as they grew up.
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(Skt. dharmapala, Tib. ch–kyong) Protective deities associated with religious traditions and communities.
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The officials who were responsible for the running of new poor law unions under the act of 1834.