Definitions for "GOto "
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pay per click search engine that changed names and is now located at
The former name of Yahoo's pay per click program - Overture.
A search engine, powered by Inktomi, which only returns one URL per domain in its search results. Operates a "pay per click" scheme where websites can pay to increase their relevancy. The URL is now
The capability of some computer-controlled, motorized telescopes to automatically point at some desired object or location. Also the name of an former Japanese maker of quality telescopes.
Denoting a telescope which automatically locates objects by itself.
Self-pointing capability in a computerized telescope mount.
A route consisting of one leg with your present position being the start of the route and a single defined waypoint as the destination.
A route comprised of one leg, with the receivers' present position being the starting point of the route and a single waypoint as the destination.
GOto provides a set of scripts to create a Debian-based boot image for diskless operating clients. The clients are fully configurable through LDAP and boot using PXE or BOOTP. There's support for audio, removable media, and USB devices. Clients can act as a print/scanserver.
n.: A programming tool that exists to allow structured programmers to complain about unstructured programmers. [Ray Simard
a language mechanism that arbitrarily breaks the control flow of control structures with just one entry and one exit point
an excellent device to improve the visual appearance of poorly structured code, while avoiding actually having to improve the structure
At the byte code level there has to be a goto to implmement if/else branching.
This keyword is reserved in Java, but serves no function. It was reserved as a keyword by the language designers to ensure that unconditional branches, a.k.a. spaghetti code, could not be written in Java.
This is a reserved Java keyword. However, it is not used by current versions of the Java programming language.
an archaic command which allows a program to jump from one set of instructions to another without going through them the normal way
goto label
label Jumps to the section of the script identified by label.
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n. A dossier, usually illegally compiled
a programming statement used in early computer programs such as Fortran and Basic. The use of this command has been limited since the 1970s when it was discovered to produce a great deal of erroneous data.
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A function on most GPS receivers that, when enabled, guide the user to a specific location.
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The goto Element