Definitions for "Grand Cru"
Meaning "great growth"; this term recognizes the superiority of particular vineyards, but its specific meaning varies greatly from region to region.
a vintage of wine generally acknowledged as of the finest quality
An official term used in three regions of France. In Champagne it refers to the wines from the areas rated 100 per cent, such as Bouzy and Aÿ. The best red and white wines in Burgundy are known as Grands Crus. In St-Emilion, the term is used to denote wines which are made following a rigorous selection by the St.Emilion wine co-operation. Discover the Grand Crus with WINE and CO.
Atributo de excelência para brancos e tintos usado nas regiões de Bordéus e Borgonha.
a Belgian fest beer of sorts, brewed to celebrate weddings, holidays, and the like