Definitions for "great example"
Keywords:  didn, silvestri, flickr, statuary, zine
an online photo gallery called Flickr
a piece he just published online called silvestri sports We Didn
a piece he just published online called We Didn t Start
a company run by my friend Ian Morris -- the CEO of HouseValues
a friend of mine (who'll remain nameless) has a very high stress job
a frustrated man named Tom Mabe who turns the tables on telemarkets that call him
an Activision title called GUN
a prerecorded phone call going out to the elderly in certain swing states that strikes an appropriately desperate tone
Keywords:  boistrous, vibe, nada, que, wonderful
a colorful, boistrous update of his famous classic "Mas Que Nada" with a wonderful hip-hop vibe combined with the classic sound
a page with a map and lots of detail on the European Union updated just late month
a photograph of a targeted source standing beside several folks, perhaps shot at a conference or a local fund raiser, and appearing in print formats like newspapers or magazines
a whole newspaper, the Bakersfield, CA, Northwest Voice , that consists entirely of material submitted by citizens
Keywords:  symphony, orchestra
a symphony orchestra
Keywords:  chasm, smack, ruin, cliff, ramp
a situation where Major Ruin is required to roll over a ramp, clear a chasm and smack into the side of a cliff
Keywords:  ltg, combo, rocket
a rocket/ltg combo
a nine-page chart that provides an overview of the canon of Scripture --- which books made it, which books didn't, and in each case, why, plus a comparison of Protestant, Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox and Russian Orthodox canons
a thick book - you can open the cover page and place it between the typeholder and platform to press the foil into place
Keywords:  convience, brampton, ontario, milk, mac
a man in Brampton Ontario who owns a Mac's Milk convience store
Keywords:  lessig, larry, recent, critic, visit
a recent table issue I addressed at work
a recent visit to Second Life by Larry Lessig, a well-known author and legal critic
Keywords:  appease, obeyed, football, tough, sure
a series of tough laws to appease the masses n yet no enforcement arm to actually make sure the laws are obeyed
a stiff-arm in football
a groupware spreadsheet application
a virtual brainstorming session between a geograpically dispersed group
a salesperson who came to Katten from a huge and reputable PR firm
Keywords:  vdp, postcard, simple, needed, mail
a simple direct mail postcard featuring VDP
a simple text change that my company needed to make
a web server struggling to continue to accept connections in the face of a spoofed SYN flood
a certain large Outdoor Ed Company in Australia that regularly employees first year out TAFE students with very low levels of experience
a large project we have in southern Colorado
an affiliate marketer named James Martell who is known for making large profits from affiliate programs that he markets through the free search engines
a new line of shelf-stable, family-si
a story in the news recently about a new microchip being implanted in pets that gives them a personal ID number that can be scanned or traced
a female dominatrix who humiliates her partner for their mutual pleasure
a big advertisement board on a very busy intersection in Bangkok
a North Carolina power line company bringing broadband to a neighborhood over high-voltage lines, using transformers every four houses
Keywords:  poking, peace, eyes, sign, doing
a man doing the peace sign while at the same time poking his eyes out
a tactic consultants and contractors use
Keywords:  i'm, eight, core, technology, take
a company I'm working with right now which has a core technology and has probably about eight markets that we can take it into
Keywords:  simulator, flight
a flight simulator
Keywords:  quantitated, preference, word
a preference for the word "quantitated"
Keywords:  television
a television
Keywords:  jet, discussion, li, script, rock
a discussion that The One was written for The Rock and how the script changed as Jet Li's personality required a make over
Keywords:  auction, sell, emergency, radio, small
an emergency radio that we sell
a small auction site which sells
a director reviewing a rough-cut prior to releasing it to a network
Keywords:  choose, trying, tool, search, product
a name search tool, for use in trying to choose a name for a product or company
a client that recently came to us with a web application that they had designed that they needed help with
Keywords:  memory, computers
a computers memory